Saturday, February 12, 2011

About Us

"The bull that realized that wire fence couldn't hold him is me" -Felton Kapital Brown-

Our belief is that the race isn’t given to the strong or the swift but to the one who endures to the end. A few years ago we started the recording label “24/7 Hustle Entertainment, Inc. and The Entertainers Hub because entertainment and the business that governs it is our passion and our desire is to some how be a part of its legacy.

The Entertainers Hub is a platform for emerging entertainment stars. We created The E Hub to serve as a digital focal point for fans of music, movies, music videos, entertainment gossip, and the latest entertainment news. Our mission is  to provide an opportunity to aspiring artist allowing them to share the stage of publicity with the entertainment idols of this day. Although we can’t promise instant stardom into today’s digital fierce industry, our site is sure to expose artist to potential fans while also increasing web presence and SEO rankings all of which industry tastemakers review in the process of considering an act. We encourage all entertainment figures and artist in all entertainment industries to reach out to us; it is our privilege to serve you as one step in the stairs of your career.

"Success can be duplicated, so i've become a master observer of great people" -Felton K. Brown-

In an interview I was asked: How do I function at the caliber in which I function in the Music Biz with my disability.

I replied:

"The untrained eye might mistake me for a disabled male in a wheelchair; but a wise and trained eye will identify me as an abled male that happens to be wheelchair bound" I continued ---> "Disability has nothing to do with ones physicality but everything to do with ones WILLINGNESS" -Felton K. Brown, Music Executive-

BS - Business Admin (University of Phoenix)
MS - Entertainment Business (Full Sail University)

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